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  1. Unzip (decompress) the theme archive file (.zip). This should result in at least one new local folder, /themes, containing your theme's folder(s).
  2. Using your FTP client, place the theme's folder (as found in the local /themes folder) online in your PrestaShop /themes folder. Pay attention NOT to upload that folder in another theme's folder (which can happen when drag-and-dropping items). Upload the whole folder, not just the files it contains.
  3. (optional) If the theme's archive contains a second /modules folder, it means your new theme comes bundled with modules that are specific to it, or necessary for it to run properly. Using your FTP client, place the folder(s) found in the local /modules folder online in your PrestaShop /modules folder. If your online PrestaShop install already has a module of the same name, try to only keep the most recent version of the two (the one with the most recent files). If unsure, keep the version bundled with the theme, as it is the most likely to work best with it.
  4. Go to your back office, in the "Themes" page under the "Preferences" menu.
  5. Select the new theme in place of the current theme, by clicking on the radio button then clicking "Save".
  6. Your theme is now in place.
  7. (optional) If the theme came with modules, activate them on the back - office's "Modules" page, then configure them if need be.