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The first form is easy to understand.

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This is where you set who should benefit from the rule, what the discount should be, and other details.

  • Name. The name is public, so you should keep it casual.
  • Shop. Multistore mode only. The rule applies to customers who buy through a specific shop. Only available if you have at least two shops.
  • Currency. The rule applies to customers who set to pay with a specific currency.
  • Country. The rule applies to customers from a specific country.
  • Group. The rule applies to customers who belong to a specific customer group.
  • From quantity. The rule applies the order has at least a specific number of matching products.
  • Price (tax excl.). The new price for the product. Here you can set the public price of the product that matches the rules that you are putting in place. By default, the rule applies to the base price.
  • From and To. The rule applies in this time frame.
  • Reduction type. The discount can either be an amount of money, or a percentage of the order total.
  • Reduction with or without taxes. The discount can either include the tax, or leave the tax as is.
  • Reduction. The value of the reduction. Depending on the "Reduction type" above, putting "10.0" in the field can either mean "$10 off" (depending on the default currency) or "10% off".