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  • Social title. You can choose anything, from the very common ("Sir", "Lady", "Gentleman", etc.) to the very unusual ("Jedi", "Magnificent One", "Money carrier"...). The important thing when departing from the commonly accepted titles is to reflect your shop's true identity.
  • Gender. Some titles may apply to both male and female customers, or to neither. Be In that last case, be sure then to set that option to "Neutral".
  • Image. A 16*16 image file representing the title. Classic gender symbols are the Mars and Venus ones (♂ and ♀), but there are many other possibilities. PrestaShop enables you to characterize your creation with a unique image.
  • Image width and Image height. PrestaShop works best with 16*16 image, and will resize your image if it bigger than that. Nevertheless, you might feel necessary to use bigger images, and these two options enable you to set the exact size required by your image. If you enter "0", PrestaShop will simply use the image's original size.