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You have the possibility to create new addresses for a client yourself with the "Add new address" button. It opens a form with the kind of field you might expect.

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Some fields, however, require special care:

  • Customer email. This field is essential: if you are adding an address for an existing customer, you MUST identify this customer using her/his email address. Otherwise, PrestaShop will not know who to assign this address to.
  • Identification number. The national ID cart card number of this person, or a unique tax identification number. This field is of course optional.
    Note: the field's title gives a singular hint: "DNI / NIF / NIE". Those are Spanish acronyms: DNI stands for "Documento Nacional de Identidad", NIF stands for "Número de Identificación Fiscal" and NIE stands for "Número de Identidad/Identificación de Extranjero".
  • Address alias. A short description, in order to help the customer choose the correct address: "Home", "Office", "Aunt Beth's", etc.
  • Company. The name of the customer's company, if needed.
  • VAT number. The VAT identification number for the customer (or the customer's company).
  • Other. Some additional information that might be useful to the shipment.