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You can get a PDF file of several delivery slips depending only by date, which is very useful when you need to print all delivery slips for a given day or a given quarter. Select the start and end date, and click on the "Generate PDF file" button.

Delivery Slips Options

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The two thress options are the same as for the invoice options:

  • Delivery prefix. You might like to have language-tagged delivery slips: "DE" in English, "LI" in French (for "livraison"), "EN" in Spanish (for "entrenga"), etc. Or you could directly choose to have language codes: "EN", "FR", "SP", etc. Of course, you can also choose to not have a prefix at all.
  • Delivery number. If your business has already had orders and delivery slips before you started using PrestaShop, you can use this option to start your delivery slip number from a higher number.
  • Enable product image. When enabled, it will display a product's image before the product name.

PrestaShop will then generate the delivery slips number according to your settings: "#DE000001", "#LI000002", etc.