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  1. Access the "Orders History" section of his or her account.
  2. Select the order from which he wants to return an item.
  3. Select the product(s) that s/he wishes to return by checking the box next to its name(s).
  4. (optional) Add an explanation, in order for the shop team to better understand why the customer wants to return this product.

titleWhen is it possible to return an order?
  1. Returns have to be enabled ("Enable returns" option).
  2. The order has to be in the time of validity.
  3. The orders needs to have had at least the following statuses:
    • At least two statuses of which one has the option "Set the order as paid" enabled and the other has the option "Set the order as shipped" enabled.
    • One status which has both options ("Set the order as paid" and "Set the order as shipped") enabled.
    Statuses can be edited on the "Statuses" page under the "Orders" menu.

Once the form is complete, the customer clicks on "Make an RMA slip", and the request is sent to the store manager (you). The request appears as "Waiting for confirmation" in the customer's "Return Merchandise Authorization" page, accessible from the account page.