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  1. Go to the "Modules" menu, and its "Positions" page.
  2. Click the "Transplant a module" button at the top right. The transplanting interface appears.
  3. In the "Module" drop-down list, select the module you want to transplant.
  4. In the "Hook into" drop-down list, select where you want to transplant the module to. There are many available hooks. You can change your setting later if needed.
  5. In the "Exceptions" field, type the name of the file(s) of the pages in which you do not want the module to appear.
    Since From PrestaShop 1.5.0 to, instead of typing the file-names, you can simply select a file-name and click the "Add" button: it will add the file-name to the list.
    Likewise, you can remove a file-name from the existing list by selecting that name in the drop-down list and clicking the "Remove" button.
    Since PrestaShop, this interface has changed : you can simply perform a multiple selection by clicking on the file names while keeping the Ctrl key pressed. You can deselect files in the same manner: Ctrl+click.
  6. Do not forget to save your changes.

The interface up to v1.5.4.1:

The interface since v1.5.5.0:

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The "Hook into" drop-down menu gives you a good idea where module can be placed.
Even though the "Hook into" drop-down list gives a comprehensive overview of the available hooks, it might not always be clear which is the one to which you want to attach your module. Do not hesitate to try another hook if the result of your selection if not what you expect.
Since PrestaShop 1.5, the list gives more detail: both the hook name and a quick description of what it does, for instance "Before carrier list" known as "displayBeforeCarrier". Peruse them all in order to choose your hook correctly.