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  • Integrating content in a page using hooks

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Hook nameDescription
actionProductSaveCalled when saving products.
actionUpdateQuantityCalled during an the validation of an order, the status of which being something other than "canceled" or "Payment error", for each of the order's items.
actionProductAttributeUpdateCalled when a product declination is updated, right after said update.
actionProductAttributeDeleteCalled when a product declination is deleted.
actionWatermarkCalled when an image is added to a product, right after said addition.
displayAttributeFormAdd fields to the form "attribute value".
displayAttributeGroupFormAdd fields to the form "attribute group".
displayAttributeGroupPostProcessCalled when post-process in admin attribute group.
displayFeatureFormAdd fields to the form "feature".
displayFeaturePostProcessCalled when post-process in admin feature.
displayFeatureValueFormAdd fields to the form "feature value".
displayFeatureValuePostProcessCalled when post-process in admin feature value.


One of the main aspects of integrating content from PrestaShop in your theme is to know where your content will be displayed, and therefore where exactly are the hooks and modules locateslocated.

This section presents a visual representation of their location on the home page. It gives you: