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  • List of empty categories: shows you the number and the name of catalog categories that don’t have any products. Delete the empty categories or fill them with products. This enables to avoid having customers find themselves in an empty category in your store.
  • List of disabled products: shows you the number and name of products that have been disabled in the store and that aren’t visible to your customers. Think about enabling them or deleting them from your catalog.
  • List of out of stock products (with/without) attributes: shows you which products are no longer in stock. Take the necessary measures to restock them.


Let’s now fill out all of the fields:

  • The “Name” field—indicate field: indicate the name of the manufacturer in order to simplify your visitor ’s searches.
  • The “Short description” field—the field: the description that will appear on the search engines when you make a request. Limited to 100 characters.
  • The “Description” field— field: add a more complex description of your manufacturer and their activity and products.
    You can detail their specialties and push the quality of their products. The manufacturer’s description will be shown in your store in the following manner:

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  • The SEO fields such as (Title, Meta description, and Meta Keywords, ): correspond to the same function as the categories.
    You will find a description of the reference fields in the product category management, in the "Create a Category / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Fields" section of this guide.