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Table of contents

Table of Contents


This helper is used to generate a configuration form, the values of which are stored in the configuration table. Example: the "Preferences" page.

Options declaration

Fields inside [brackets] are optional.
Values between {curly braces} list the possible values for this field.

Code Block
$this->fields_options = array(
        'general' => array(
            ['title'] => $this->l('Carrier options'),                      // The title of //the iffieldset. If missing, default is 'Options'.
            ['top'] => $this->l('Text to display before the fieldset'),    // This text is display right above the first. Rarely used.
    ['image'] => 'url to icon',                                         // ifIf missing, will use the default icon for the tab.
            ['description'] => $this->l('Display as description'),         // Displays an informational box above the fields.	
    ['info'] => $this->l('Display as info'),                       // Displays an unstyled text above the fields.
    'fields' => array(                                             // The various option fields.
      'PS_CARRIER_DEFAULT' => array(                               // The aray is named after the option's ID. It must be the 
                                                                   // same name as the value stored in the ps_configuration table.
        ['title'] => $this->l('Default carrier:'),                 // The name of the option.
        ['desc'] => $this->l('The default carrier used in shop'),  // The description of the option.
             ['cast'] => 'intval',                                      // Using this option, you can cast the variable's content
                                                                   // into a known value. You can use boolval, floatval, intval 
                                                                   // or strval depending on value type you want to receive.
        'type' => {'text', 'hidden', 'select', 'bool', 'radio',    // The kind of input field you want to use. 
          'checkbox', 'password', 'textarea', 'file', 'textLang', 
          'textareaLang', 'selectLang'},
        ['suffix'] => 'kg',          ['suffix'] => '                             // Display after the field (ie. currency),.
    // only for text or password                                                          // For text fields or password fields only.
        ['identifier'] => 'id_carrier',                            // The unique ID for the form.
        ['list'] => array(list do display as options),             // onlyFor for select field only.
                  ['empty_message'] => $this->l('Display if list is empty'), // For select field only
for select       ['cols'] => 40,            ['cols                                // For textarea fields only.
        ['rows'] => 405,                                             // forFor textarea fields only.
        ['thumb'] => 'url to thumb image',     ['rows                    // For file fields only.
        ['is_invisible'] => 5{true, false}                          // Disable the field depending on shop context.
   // for textarea 'ANOTHER_FIELD' => array(
 ['thumb']   ),
    'submit' => 'url to thumb image'  array()
  'another fieldset' => ...

Basic declaration

Removing all the optional fields, this is how to build a basic HelperOptions element:

Code Block
$this->fields_options = array(
    'general' => array(
        'title' => $this->l('Parameters'),
        'fields' => array(
 // for files         'PS_MYMODULE_OPTION1' => array(
         ),       'title' => $this->l('Choose one'),
          ['is_invisible']      'desc' => {true, false}   $this->l('Choose between Yes and No.'),
                'cast' => 'boolval',
   // Disable the field depending on shop context      'type' => 'bool'
        ),    ),
            'ANOTHERPS_FIELDMYMODULE_OPTION2' => ...array(
                'title' => $this->l('Add some text'),
                'submitdesc' => array()$this->l('This is where you can add some text'),
        )        'cast' => 'strval',
        'another fieldset' => ...
    );        'type' => 'text',
                'size' => '10'

This specific code generates this HTML code (simplified here for readability reasons):

Code Block
 <form id="_form" name="_form">

      <labe>Choose one</label>
        <label><img alt="Yes" src="../img/admin/enabled.gif" title="Yes" /></label>
        <input type="radio" value="1" />
        <label><img alt="No" src="../img/admin/disabled.gif" title="No" /></label>
        <input type="radio" value="0" checked="checked" />
        <p>Choose between Yes and No.</p>

    <div class="clear"></div>

      <label>Add some text</label>
        <input type="text" value="" />
        <p>This is where you can add some text</p>