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  • Adding Products and Product Categories

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  • The first row of selectors enables you to be very specific about the various groups to which this price applies, including currencies, countries and even your custom customer groups (which we'll discuss in a later chapter).
  • You can define a range of dates between which the price is active using the second row. Clicking each selector will open a calendar, simplifying the process.
  • Wiki Markup*Starting at \ [\] unit*. Contains the value from which the discount should be applied. Default is "1", which means any quantity.
  • The "Product price" enables you to set an arbitrary price, independent of calculations and previous prices. Keep this field at "0" to use the default price.
  • Apply a discount of. The discount that will be applied once the quantity is selected. Use the selector to set the type of discount (either a specific amount in the default currency, or a percentage of the default price).