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Finally, the "Enable mobile theme" makes it possible for you to use the default mobile theme. With this theme, any PrestaShop merchant can have his or her shop be accessible to mobile devices: from the home page to the payment process, along with product pages and conversion funnel. You can choose the option you like best: mobile, touchpad, or both.


The mobile theme only works for PrestaShop's default theme, since it is included in its folder: /themes/default/mobile. Therefore, it will not work if you use another theme which does not have its own mobile theme.

Nonetheless, you can easily use the default mobile theme with any other theme, at least temporarily: simply copy the mobile theme's folder from the default theme's folder to the new theme's folder, and you should be good to go. For instance, if your new theme's folder is /themes/magnolia, copy /themes/default/mobile folder to the new themes's folder.
This is particularly useful if the theme the new theme does not feature a responsive design: this way, your shop can still look good on mobile devices – albeit with the default look.


In multistore mode, you can apply these changes to all your stores or a group of stores at one time, using the multistore menu.