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Once configuration is complete, be sure to test the theme immediately, every page of it, to confirm that it works as planned. Do try to make a full order, from A to Z – you wouldn't want to miss orders just because you didn't notice the theme was incomplete!


PrestaShop's mobile template

The mobile theme template enables any PrestaShop merchant to have his or her shop be accessible to mobile devices: from the home page to the payment process, along with product pages and conversion funnel.

Installing the mobile template for your shop

Installing PrestaShop's mobile theme template is easy:

  1. Connect to you PrestaShop's 1.5 administration.
  2. Go to the "Themes" page under the "Preferences" menu.
  3. In the "Appearance" section, go to the "Enable mobile theme" part and choose one of the three options other than "I want to disable it".

By default, the mobile template is only used for mobiles phones, tablet receiving the same theme as regular devices. With this option


, you can choose to have the mobile template be used for tablets ("Both" option"), or even choose to only have it used for tablets (mobile phones receiving the regular theme).

Customizing the mobile template

The mobile template's files are located in the /mobile subfolder of the current theme's folder. This way, if you current theme is the default PrestaShop theme, the mobile template's files are in the /themes/default/mobile of your PrestaShop 1.5 installation.

The template is made of HTML, CSS and JavaScript files: its structure is therefore the same as for the default theme, but it's design is radically different, as it was built for the smaller screens of mobile devices.

Therefore, if you wish to change the colors or layout of the mobile template's pages, you must edit the CSS and/or HTML files in order to adapt them to your likings. You must have a good knowledge of web programming languages, or ask for help from a web developer.

Using the mobile template with another theme

The mobile template is only available if the current theme has a /mobile subfolder in its own folder. Hence, numerous PrestaShop themes do not have a proper mobile theme, and these themes' users cannot automatically offer a mobile version of their shop to their visitors

While the theme you are using is being updated with its own mobile template, you can use the default mobile template, thanks to a quick file manipulation: you just have to copy the /mobile subfolder from the /themes/default, and paste this subfolder (and all of its files) in your current theme's folder.

You will therefore use the default mobile template rather than a template with a design that is consistent with your main theme, but nothing is stopping you from editing the HTML, CSS or JavaScript files of the mobile template in order to get it closer to your own theme.


A modules can have to aspects: one on the back-office (its options, or even a configuration screen), and one on the front-office. The front-office view is how and where the module is displayed within your shop's theme.