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  • GET -> Retrieve
  • POST -> Create
  • PUT -> Update
  • DELETE -> Delete
    Together we will look at how to create a small application to perform these four operations on our customers.
    Chapters 1, 2 and 3 are mandatory.
    In the next chapters you'll learn how to interact with the web service with each of the CRUD operations to give you the keys to make a full CRUD.
    If you only want to retrieve data, for example in developing a web application to notify you of orders, you might only be interested in Chapter 4.
    If you prefer to develop a more complete application, chapters 4 to 7 will interest you.

Chapter 1 - Introduction: Creating Access to Back Office
Chapter 2 - Discovery: Testing access to the web service with the browser
Chapter 3 - First steps: Access the Web service and list client
3.1 - Access the web service through the bookstore
3.2 - Handling errors
3.3 - List clients
Chapter 4 - Retrieve Data: Retrieving a client
Chapter 5 - Modification: Update client
Chapter 6 - Creation: Remote Online Form
Chapter 7 - Removal: Remove customer accounts from the database
Chapter 8 - Advanced Use
Reminder: Concepts outlined in this tutorial