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  • SuperAdmin. The highest rank. It has all the rights and can access everything on the PrestaShop installation.
  • Logistician. Those in charge of packing and sending orders. Can only access the orders, shipping and stock management pages, and part of the catalog and customer pages.
  • Translator. Those who are tasked in translating your shop's textual content. Can access products and categories, CMS content pages and the "Translations" page.
  • Salesman. Your salespersons, if any. In addition to the translator's access rights, can also access the customer pages, the modules and webservice, and some stats.

You can see the details of the access rights by reviewing each profile in the "Permissions" page (see below).


The SuperAdmin profile cannot be deleted, only renamed.

There should be at least one employee with a SuperAdmin profile.


Adding a new profile is pretty straightforward: simply click the "Add new profile" button, enter a unique name for the new profile, and save.