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  • Chapter 1 - Creating Access to Back Office

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  • Key. Click the "Generate" button to generate an authentication key. You can also create your own , for instance "4CC3SS4ALL", (which must be 32 characters long), but using a generated key prevents wrong-doers from guessing your key.
    Using this key, you and other selected users will be able to access the web service.
  • Key description. The description is not public, but make sure to put all the keywords pertaining to the use, so that you can find they key more quickly.
  • Status. You can disable any key at any time.
  • Permissions. This section is very important, as it enables you to assign rights for each resource you want to make available for this key. Indeed, you might want a user to have read and write access on some resources, but only read access on others – and no access to the more important ones.
    In the list of permissions, the left button allows you to define all the rights for a given resource. Select the resources you need to manipulate from your application; in our case check the first check box in the "customers" row and then press "Save".
  • Shop association. This only appears in multistore mode.