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Some modules have configuration pages, which give you access to a couple of tools and information pages.

In every configuration page, text and links generic buttons are gathered in two identical blocks of content, both at the top and the bottom of the page. Their content is thus:

  • Module name. A reminder of which module you are configuring.
  • Back link. A link back to the module list.
  • screen:

    • Disable. Desactivates the module while keeping its current settings for later use.
    • Uninstall. Desactivates the module end delete its current settings.
    • Reset. Wipes the module's current settings to set them back to default.
    • Manage hooks. This link is a shortcut to the "Positions" page, from the "Modules" menu. From there, you can change the location of the module's interface on the front-end of your shop, or launch the Live Edit tool. The "Positions" page is configured so that you only the hooks available to the current module are displayed.
    • Back link. A link back to the module list.

    At the bottom of the screen, the Manage translations selector contains shortcuts to the "Translations" page for installed modules. From there, you can update the module's translation for the selected language. For instance, you might want to change the wording in order to better fit your use.