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This section basically enables you to precisely configure PrestaShop's access to your e-mail server through its IMAP interface. You should make sure all fields are filled in order for the customer service tool to work properly. Most of this information should be provided by your webhost.

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  • IMAP URL, IMAP port, IMAP user and IMAP password. Essential details to access the e-mail server using the IMAP protocol.
  • Delete message. If enabled, messages on the server will be deleted as soon as PrestaShop has retrieved them. Use with caution: this would make your messages unavailable to other e-mail clients.
  • /norsh. If enabled, the connection to your e-mail server will not pre-authenticated. Not recommended.
  • /ssl. If enabled, the connection to your e-mail server will not be encrypted. Not recommended.
  • /validate-cert. If enabled, PrestaShop will force the validation of the server's TLS/SSL certificate.
  • /novalidate-cert. If enabled, PrestaShop will never try to validate the server's TLS/SSL certificate. Essential for servers with self-signed certificates.
  • /tls. If enabled, PrestaShop will force use of StartTLS to encrypt the connection. Servers that do not support StartTLS will be rejected.
  • /notls. If enabled, PrestaShop will not use StartTLS to encrypt the session, even with servers that support it.