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  • Search field. Modules are displayed while you type their name, which makes it even more intuitive and fast.
  • 'Sort by' selectors. The list automatically reloads when you make a select, and displays modules according to all the current settings.
    • All modules.
      • Native modules. The ones that were in the default distribution of PrestaShop, i.e. not modules that you added afterwards.
      • Partner modules. Modules that were created for PrestaShop partners. Most of the time, they enable your shop to work with the partner's third-party service.
      • Author. You filter the modules by author. Be default, only "PrestaShop" is available, but as add more modules, this selector will prove very useful.
      • Other modules. Modules that are neither native, native made for PrestaShop partners. They are often written by independent developers, but can also be written by the PrestaShop team.
    • Installed & Not Installed. Most of the time, you will want to perform an action on an installed module, or install a new one. This filter is the most commonly used.
    • Enabled & Disabled. Installed module are the only ones that can be configured, hence the importance of this selector.
    • All countries. Some modules are country-specific. This selector enables you to only see the ones that are tailor-made for your shop's country.

On the left is a list of all the categories, with the number of modules in brackets. Click on a module category in order to filter the displayed module.