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Many sections of the order sheet can be edited, enabling you to update or correct some of the data provided by the customer.

Order Status

The first drop-down list in the order page enables you to change its status. You can choose between the following status:

  • Awaiting bank wire payment
  • Awaiting cheque payment
  • Awaiting PayPal payment
  • Canceled
  • Delivered
  • On backorder
  • Payment accepted
  • Payment error
  • Payment remotely accepted
  • Preparation in progress
  • Refund
  • Shipped

In order to get a better view of the order's activity, every status change is recorded, and the log appears right below the status change drop-down list. Therefore, you should only change a status if it has been clearly confirmed: do not mark an order as "Delivered" when you have sent the package, use "Shipped", do not use "Preparation in progress" when in fact you have only taken a quick glance at the order, etc.

Actions Buttons

The action buttons in the top bar change depending on the order's status. For instance, once the order is in the "Delivered" state


, the "Add a product" and "Remove products" turn into two new buttons: "Return products" and "Partial refunds".


You can get many PDF documents from an order.

By default, you can download the order itself as a PDF, by clicking on the "Print order" button on right.

You can get an invoice for the order by clicking on the "Generate invoice" button from the "Documents" section.

When you put the order in the "Delivered" state, a delivery slip PDF is generated, which you can download from the "Documents" section.


Shipping Address

Invoice Address


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