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Click "Save" to keep your changes. In case you want to revert your modifications and go back to the default settings, simply click the "Reset to defaults" button on the "Theme & Logo" page.

Select a theme for your "[name]" shop

This section is only displayed if you have at least two themes installed. It presents you with the other available themes on your PrestaShop installation beside the already-enabled one.



In multistore mode, you cannot apply a theme to all your stores or a group of stores; you must select a single store in the multistore menu, then pick a theme.

Adding a theme

You can import a theme and install it (and its attached modules) thanks to the "Add new theme" button. By clicking it, a new screen will open. This  This screen presents you with 3 methods to install a new theme. A  A final button leads you to the theme creation form, presented in the next section.


Click "Save" to validate your choice: the theme is now installed. Click "Save" one last time. A final confirmation page presents you with all the changes applied to your PrestaShop installation. Click "Finish" to end the process.

Exporting a theme

This section is only available when there is at least one theme installed on your PrestaShop site. Exporting a theme is very useful when you want either to back the theme up for safety and create an archive of the theme for a friend or in order to make it available on the Addons marketplace. Not only does it generate a complete Zip archive of your theme, but it also adds the custom modules that your theme requires, which is very useful both when uploading to Addons, and when importing to another PrestaShop site.

The export option works only for the current theme. Click "Export current theme" to export the theme used by your shop. Your theme will be compressed in a .zip file and the confirmation message will tell you where to find it in your theme folder. Save the archive on your hard-drive to be safe. From there on, you can easily share this theme, and if it is your own creation, you can start selling it on the Addons marketplace.

Live from PrestaShop Addons!

If you are looking for a new theme, PrestaShop Addons is where you should go! Thanks to this section, you can browse through the most popular themes to get inspired. If you wish to see more themes, click "Discover all of the themes" to be directed to the full selection of PrestaShop themes, as available on our official marketplace, PrestaShop Addons.