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  • Primeros pasos con PrestaShop 1.7

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Primeros pasos con PrestaShop 1.7

You must spend a good amount of time making sure every part of your future online shop is properly set up, secured, validated and ready for businessDebe invertir gran parte de su tiempo en asegurarse de que cada apartado de su futura tienda online se encuentra correctamente configurado, asegurado, validado y preparado antes de iniciar la apertura de su negocio a través de Internet.

While PrestaShop makes it easy for you to install it and build your business online, it cannot possibly be a 5-seconds work: you are dealing with products, customers, carriers, and most importantly with real actual money that will be flowing from your customers to your bank account. We dare say you want to make sure nothing fails in the process of validating an order, having the products be found in your storage location, then be packaged, and shipped to your customers without a single glitch, or even without anything unpredicted happening without your knowledge.