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By clicking on the "Addresses" page, you will have access to the list of your customer's addresses (home, work, etc.). You can edit them using the "Edit" button, or delete them altogether.


  • Customer email. This field is essential: if you are adding an address for an existing customer, you MUST identify this customer using her/his email address. Otherwise, PrestaShop will not know who to assign this address to.
  • Identification number. The national ID card number of this person, or a unique tax identification number. This field is of course optional.Note: the field's title gives a singular hint: "DNI / NIF / NIE". Those are Spanish acronyms: DNI stands for "Documento Nacional de Identidad", NIF stands for "Número de Identificación Fiscal" and NIE stands for "Número de Identidad/Identificación de Extranjero".
  • Address alias. A short description, in order to help the customer choose the correct address: "Home", "Office", "Aunt Beth's", etc.
  • Company. The name of the customer's company, if needed.
  • VAT number. The VAT identification number for the customer (or the customer's company).
  • Other. Some additional information that might be useful to the shipment.