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Adding Products and Product Categories

The basis of a PrestaShop site is its catalog, which contains products and product categories. Building and improving your catalog is the main way you will make your website live in the eyes of the customer. This is where your shop becomes real, where you actually create content, and thus give value to your online shop.

Adding products does not only mean adding an image, some text, then validating your content. It means knowing your product by heart: price, weight, size, features, specifications, details, manufacturer, supplier, and so much more. You cannot start adding product to your Catalog without knowing perfectly what you want to present to the customer, and thus need to have a set plan about your products, and the way it will be displayed. This also means knowing your shop's front-office (its theme) like the back of your hand, in order to properly fill the required fields.

As the heart of your shop, your catalog needs all your attention.

The "Catalog" section is accessible by clicking on the tab with the same name. This is where you manage all of your products throughout your PrestaShop e-commerce solution.