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  • Allow ordering of out-of-stock products. If a product does not have any available stock anymore, the customer can still order it.
  • Enable stock management. This option gives you access to basic stock management options and features: you can set the current quantity of product, and have PrestaShop lower it for each order, and "re-stock" for each canceled or returned order.
    By default you should leave this feature enabled, as disabling it affects the entire inventory management of your shop. Only if you do not have any physical inventory should you disable it – for instance, if you only have virtual products.
  • Enable advanced stock management. Another little option which has major implications: it adds a new menu called "Stocks", which makes it possible to manage very precisely your stock, on a per-warehouse basis if necessary. You can see all the details about your stock: movement, coverage, re-stocking orders, etc.
    You can read more about PrestaShop's advanced stock management feature by reading in the "Managing Stock" chapter of this guide.
  • New products use advanced stock management. If enabled, new products will automatically use the advanced stock management feature. The default warehouse is the one indicated in the next option.
  • Default warehouse on new product.products. If new products use the advanced stock management feature, you have to indicate their default warehouse here.