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  • Presentación de la interfaz back-office para gestionar el stock

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Stock management is essential from the moment you start selling products whose quantity is depleting at each sale.
In order to assert if you need PrestaShop's advanced stock management feature, read this chapter's "General conceptsGestionar las existencias es esencial desde el momento en el que empieza a vender productos y las cantidades en stock de los productos se agotan en cada venta que realiza.
Para asegurarse si necesita utilizar la funcionalidad de la gestión avanzada de existencias de PrestaShop's, lea el anterior capítulo "Conceptos generales":


If you wish to use the advanced stock management, you must:

  • Associate your products with warehouses.
  • Associate your warehouses with carriers.
  • Associate your warehouses with the appropriate shops

    Si desea utilizar la gestión avanzada de existencias, usted debe:

    • Asociar sus productos a los almacenes.
    • Asociar sus almacenes a los transportistas.
    • Asociar sus almacenes a las tiendas correspondientes.

    Stock management within PrestaShop runs through several screens, and can use one of two levels.

    These levels areEstos niveles son:

    • No stock management: there is no product quantity, PrestaShop assumes that a product's stock is infinite. Use this if you only sell virtual products (files, services, etc.).
    • Simple stock management: for every product you sell, you can indicate the currently available quantity (including product combinations). Use this if you have few products or a simple storing location.
    • Advanced stock management: for every product you sell (and its combinations), you can indicate where the available quantity is located in an unlimited number of warehouses (with varying carriers and valuation methods). You can also see your stock movements, the current status of your stock, you stock coverage, and you can place an order to your product suppliers.

    These screens areEstas pantallas son:

    • Preferences > Products > "
    • Catalog > Products > product's page: one to two tabs are added to the creation/edition page of a product :
      •  Quantities:
        • In Simple mode: you can manually indicate the quantity of each product.
        • In Advanced mode: quantities are handled from PrestaShop's "Stock" menu.
      • Warehouses: in Advanced mode, you can indicate the location of a product or is combinations within a warehouse.
    • Stock: in Advanced mode, you can make use of all the stock management pages (warehouse creation, stock movement, stock status, stock coverage, supplier order).