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  • Their distinctive colors: existing status have colors that help quickly decide if there's an issue with the order or if it all goes well.
  • Their icons.
  • Their ties to two three PrestaShop behaviors (more are available):
    • Should the customer receive e-mail when the order gets this status?
    • Is this a delivery status?
    • Does this status allow the customer to download and view a PDF version of the order's invoice?
  • The name of their e-mail template: you can edit these templates, language by language, in the "Translations" page under the "Localization" menu. In the "Modify translations" section of that page, choose "E-mail template translations" in the drop-down menu, and then click on the language code of the language in which you wish to edit these templates.
  • Their action icons: "edit" and "delete".

The return status list features less information, because those statuses are merely labels with no impact on the order.

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Creating a new order status