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  1. Download the PrestaShop archive and unzip it on your computer.
  2. Create a database for PrestaShop on your server.
  3. Using an FTP client, upload all the files from the unzipped archive to your web server, in the desired location:
    • If you want to integrate PrestaShop into the root of your domain (e.g., upload all contents the files into the root directory of your web server.
    • If you want to have PrestaShop in its own subdirectory on your web site (e.g. http or, create the shop directory/sub-domain on your server and upload all contents to the files into that directory.
  4. Open the files' location in your browser; you should be redirected to the /install/ folder.
  5. Using your MySQL access codes, follow the instructions from the installer's screens.
  6. Once installed, delete the /install/ folder and rename the /admin/ folder into something unique to you (for instance, /4dm1n/).
  7. Check that everything works:
    • Visit your website
    • Connect to your back-office (the admin folder that your you renamed), using the access codes you set during the installation process.


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