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To add a choice to the group of attributes that you just created, you must create a specific variation.
Select the attribute group then click on “Add attribute” and fill out the form that appears.

Fill out the value for your variation, then select the group from the drop-down menu into which it will belong.

To have a better understanding of this notion, a group of attributes can be a color or a capacity whereas the attributes themselves can be the color green, yellow, or brown, or a capacity of 4 pounds, 8 pounds, or 16 pounds.
For example “size” is a group of attributes and “6 7 8 9 10” are this attributes in this group.

You can see in the screenshot below how to edit an attribute: choose the attribute that you want to modify, and a form appears.

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Click on the "edit" icon on the left of the color you want to edit, and a new form appears:

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Choose the HTML color or upload a photo from your computer (if you’re displaying textures instead of colors, for example). The HTML colors will then be replaced by the photo of the texture.

Adding Product Combinations - Method 1

Adding different variations to your product takes a few steps. Before proceeding, you must have already created the necessary groups of attributes and the attributes themselves. Once this is done, click on tab number 4 “Combinations ” and the following form will appear

  • From the drop-down menu choose a group of attributes such as “Colors ” for example
  • Choose the attribute that you would like to include for example “blue”
  • Click on “ dd” and it will appear in the frame
  • If the attribute has an impact on the product’s price go to the drop -down menu and choose “Increase” or “Reduction” and indicate the change in price

Quantity Discounts

You have the possibility to use a system that changes the total price of a sale depending on the quantity of products your customer buys. For this option, click on tab number 3 of the product file, and the “Prices” table will appear.

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Click "Add a New specific price", and a form appears. Complete it and click on “Add quantity discount”.

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  • The first row of selectors enables you to be very specific about the various groups this price applies to, with currencies, countries and even your custom customer groups (which we'll talk about later on).
  • You can define a ranger of dates between which the price is active, using the second row. Clicking each selector will open a calendar, so as to ease the process.
  • The "Starting at [] unit" field contains the value from which the discount should be applied. Default is "1", which means any quantity.
  • The "Product price" enables you to set an arbitrary price, independent of calculations and previous prices. Keep this field to "0" to use the default price.
  • The "Apply a discount of" is the discount that will be applied once the quantity is selected. Use the selector to set the type of discount (either an amount in the default currency, or a percentage of the default price).

Once you have chosen your values click on “Add”: the summary of your discount model appears below. If you wish to delete a value, click on the red cross on the table.

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At this point, you have finished your product file, and here it is in your boutique! If you chose to start the specific price at 1 unit, the discount is immediately visible on the product's page.

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