Chapter 1 - Creating an access to the back office

Before you can do anything, you first need to create an access to the web service.

Enabling the web service

Go in the PrestaShop back office, open the "Web service" page under the "Advanced Parameters" menu, and then choose "Yes" for the "Enable PrestaShop Webservice" option.

In previous versions of PrestaShop, you had to create a .htaccess file (or edit the existing one) in order to make your web service work.

This is no longer the case in PrestaShop 1.5+: the .htaccess will automatically be generated, while keeping your custom rules.

Creating your access

Open the "Web service" page under the "Advanced Parameters", and then click the "Add New" button to access the account configuration section. A long form appears:

If you define your own passkey, make sure it is very secure and that its rights are limited.