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  • What you need to get started

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  • A web-host providing the following:
    • PHP 5.2 or later.
    • MySQL 5.0 or later.
    • Better if: Unix hosting, Apache Web Server 1.3 or later, at least 32 Mb of RAM.
  • Access codes to your FTP server and your MySQL database (provided by your web-host).
  • A text editor.
  • A FTP client.
  • A Web browser.

You also need to know which URL on your domain you want your shop to be accessible from


Finding a host

Before downloading or installing anything, you need to provide a home for your PrestaShop online store. This means its files need to reside on a Web server. You might have a Web server of your own, but it is more likely that you have or will have your shop hosted by an Internet hosting service, which provides you with an online home for a monthly or yearly fee.