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  • Advanced Stock Management

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  • Reference and Name. The warehouse's unique reference identifier and name. Make sure to use something recognizable: you must be able to easily differentiate to warehouses from a drop-down list.
  • Address, Postcode/Zip Code, City and Country. The warehouse's physical address. This information will be used on the purchase order to suppliers.
  • Manager. A person in charge of the warehouse, chosen among your shop's registered employees. If the employee's account is not yet created, you must create it first. Make sure not to use a general user account for anyone: one person is responsible for this warehouse, and the employee account should reflect this.
  • Carriers. The carriers who you authorize for orders shipping from this warehouse. Maintain the "Shift" key pressed while clicking to select more than one carrier.
  • Management type. A method of accounting valuation, based on your country's regulations. See the "Management rules" part of this chapter for more information.
  • Stock valuation currency. A valuation currency for this warehouse's stock (among the registered currencies).