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Table of Contents

Installing PrestaShop

Quick instructions

This small section is aimed at those who are already familiar with installing PHP-MySQL web application on a server. Should you not feel comfortable with their lack of details, you will find detailed instructions in the section following this one.

  1. Download the PrestaShop archive and unzip it on your computer.
  2. Create a database for PrestaShop on your server.
  3. Upload all the files from the unzipped archive to your server.
  4. Open the files' location in your browser ; you should be redirected to the /install/ folder.
  5. Using your MySQL access codes, follow the instructions from the installer's screens.
  6. Once installed, delete the /install/ folder and rename the /admin/ folder to something unique to you for instance, {{/4dm1n/).
  7. Check that everything works:
    • Visit your website
    • Connect to your back-office (the admin folder that your renamed), using the access codes you set during the installation process.

Downloading and unzipping the PrestaShop archive