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Using the HelperForm class

This helper is used to generate an edition form for an object of type ObjectModel. Example: editing the client's profile.

Form declaration

Fields inside [brackets] are optional as per the HTML standard.
Values between {curly braces} list the possible values for this field.

If you want to use the "color" type, you can add the "color mColorPickerInput" classes

Basic declaration

Removing all the optional fields, this is how to build a basic HelperForm element:

This specific code generates this HTML code (simplified here for readability reasons):

Generating specific elements

The 'input' variable of the form declaration takes an array containing the content of your form. Using the various offered possibilities, you can build just about any type of form, and be assured that it will comply with PrestaShop's style and form processing.

You can use as many element arrays as necessary for your form, one after the other.

Text input

Here is how to generate a basic <input> element:

The 'size' attribute has been deprecated in v1.6: use 'class' instead.


Here is how to generate a <select> element:

The content of the selector is stored in the $options variable, which is an array of arrays. It must contain two keys: id and name.

$options can take this value:

...but of course, you would be better off generating such an array of arrays yourself, from the data stored in PrestaShop. For instance, here is how to display a gender (social title) selector:


Here is how to generate a <input> of type "checkbox":

Just as for a selector input, check boxes take an array of arrays as the value of $options.

Radio button

Here is how to generate a <input> of type "radio":

Note that you have to use the "t" CSS class on your labels in order to have the proper styling (but you can redefine that class using the "class" variable).

Other HTML elements

The type variable of the element declaration makes it possible to generate just about any kind of <input> element: text, select, textarea, radio, checkbox, file and many others! See the list of available types here:
You can also use some PrestaShop specific: shop, asso_shop, free, color. Try them out!

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