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How to write a commit message

When you contribute code to the PrestaShop project (through Github), we ask that you strictly use the PrestaShop way of writing a commit/pull request message. This way, when building the code history, your commit message will fit nicely with the ones from the PrestaShop developers and contributors.

Commit naming convention

The commit's name must be in English, and should be formatted like this:

The title of the pull request should be the same as its commit, and must follow the same convention.

If the pull request has several commits, the title of the pull request should either use the name of the most important commit, or should reflect the overall change of the pull request.


The type is the general idea behind your commit: are you fixing a bug, making an improvement, etc.?




Bug fix.




New feature.


Feature deprecation.

Please make sure that one commit/pull request does only one thing. If you made both a fix and an improvement in the code, either use the most important change in the commit message, or make two commits/pull request.


The category is the portion of the project to which your changes apply to.




Front office (theme, front controller, images, CSS, JavaScript, etc.).


Back office (theme, admin controller, images, CSS, JavaScript, etc.).

COREThe core of the software itself: classes, controllers, etc.


All the files in the /install folder.


The translation files.


Modules. Please specify the module's name in the content of commit message.


When deprecating some code. Please specify the class name and its function name.


Security fixes, such as XSS fixes.


Changes affecting the entire project.


PDF template modifications.


Web Service.


Localization pack.

TESTUnit tests or functional test.

Short description

Use the description to explain what your commit does in a few words. Try to be concise!

If you fixed a ticket from the Forge, please add a link to that ticket in the first comment and specify the bug's Forge number in the description (eg: #PSCFV-007).

Description of the commit/pull request

You can put more details in the commit description.

If your code change requires a lot of explanation, please open a Forge ticket explaining your intent with this code change, so that the Product team can discuss it with you. Once the ticket is created, link to it from the PR's comment, and give a link to the PR from the ticket, in order to bridge the two.

Sample commit message

Here are a few sample messages:

Adding the correct license to new files

By submitting your code to the PrestaShop project, you are releasing it under a Open Source license: either OSL or AFL.

If you add new files, they need to have the "NOTICE OF LICENSE" and the "DISCLAIMER" sections at the start of the file.

You can copy/paste from existing files in the project.

You can also use this for general files:

...or for modules...

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