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Removal - Remove customer accounts from the database

Objective: A Web application for listing and deleting customers.
Difficulty: *


Duplicate file list_the_clients.php from Section 3.3 to a file named D-CRUD.php at the root of your Web server.

For this last part, we will learn how to delete a resource.

Here is the complete, detailed call you need to remove a client:

This code allows you to remove a customer whose ID is "3". As you can see, deleting the customer differs only slightly from retrieving a resource. In fact the only thing different in the code lies in the method called: We will no longer call this method "get" but instead simply "delete"!

You must now replace the customer ID by a dynamically-defined ID.

Now create all the script that will display a list of customer IDs and delete a customer of your choice.

Again, if you have trouble, look at the code for 4-delete.php.

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